School Bard Appreciation Week

The week of March 11 - 15, 2024 has been designated as School Board Appreciation Week in Georgia. During this week we honor the dedicated efforts of our local school board members. This observance is aimed at highlighting the vital role played by local boards of education.

The members of the Tift County Board of Education are:

  • District 1 - Marilyn Burks (Vice Chairperson)

  • District 2 - Pat McKinnon

  • District 3 - John Waddell

  • District 4 - Jamie Hill

  • District 5 - Sam Wright

  • District 6 - Rusty Harrelson

  • District 7 - Jonathan Jones (Chairperson)

As constitutional officers of Georgia, school board members shoulder the responsibility of formulating educational policies, hiring school personnel, providing infrastructure and equipment, managing transportation systems, and allocating school funds. As advocates for children in local public schools, school board members, as community leaders, must carefully study, evaluate, and decide on actions that are in the best interest of the students.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each of the members of our Tift County Board of Education for their service and dedication to our students, staff and community.