Parent Engagement Program

Tift County Schools are fortunate to participate in a Parent Engagement Program which houses a parent resource center and a parent liaison at each elementary school.  Liaisons play a major part in our support system for parents and bridge the gap between the home and school environment.  

What services do they offer?

  • maintain a parent resource center at each school with multi-media materials available for check-out to parents.

  • provide monthly workshops on effective teaching techniques for parents and training on topics of interest to the parents of Tift County.

  • work closely with teachers and parents to meet the needs of our students by providing individual learning packets specific to the skills being taught in each classroom.

  • provide information concerning other agencies and programs available to the students of Tift County.

2023-2024 Parent Liaisons:

Annie Belle Clark Elementary: Melissa Miller

Charles Spencer Elementary: Angela Owen

G O Bailey Elementary: Lisa Daughtrey

J T Reddick Elementary: Jenny Abercrombie

Len Lastinger Elementary: Kelly Pearson

Matt Wilson Elementary: Kristy Gibbs

Northside Elementary: Kim Willis

Omega Elementary: Vacant

Eighth Street Middle School: Reginald Phillips

Northeast Middle School: Melissa Dillard

Tift County High School: Lisa Forshee