TCFEE 2023 Incentive Grants

Last week members of the Tift County Foundation for Educational Excellence visited 19 classrooms across the system to inform teachers that Incentive Grants that they recently applied for are being funded. 

This year’s Incentive Grants total nearly $20,000 and will be used to fund projects from at all grade levels and in a variety of areas. Recipients of this year's grants are: 

Renee Sullivan, Len Lastinger Elementary 

Heather Denham, Northside Elementary

Hannah Torres, Eighth Street Middle School and Northeast Middle School

Meg Matthews, J T Reddick Elementary

Laurie Veazey, Omega Elementary

Renee Windham, Northside Elementary

Kathi Green, Annie Belle Clark Elementary

Ginger Harn, Charles Spencer Elementary

Amy Johnson, Charles Spencer Elementary

Tina Griner, Northeast Middle School

Noelle McCurdy, G O Bailey Elementary

Jennifer Alexander, Tift County High School

Melissa Busbin, Tift County High School

Caitlyn McFarland, Annie Belle Clark Elementary

Myra Smith, Len Lastinger Elementary

Beth Golden, Eighth Street Middle School

Kaitlyn Tucker, Annie Belle Clark Elementary

Chelsea Whittington, Matt Wilson Elementary

Belinda Griffin, Annie Belle Clark Elementary

Congratulations to this year's grant recipients. #4theT