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2020-2021 Reopening FAQ

1. Will Tift County Schools offer an online option for the 2020-2021 school year? 
YES, there will be an online option for Grades K - 12.
  • Students in Grades K - 8 will make a commitment for a minimum of a 9 week grading period.
  • Students in Grades 9 - 12 will make a commitment for a minimum of a semester.
2. If I choose the online option, how do I sign up?
If you are interested in this option for your child, please contact your child's school.
3. What do Green, Yellow and Red mean? 
Red, Yellow, Green Spread Levels
  • Green (Low/No Spread) - Schools are open and will run in a traditional manner following proper precautions.
  • Yellow (Minimal/Moderate Spread) - We are currently working through the scenarios of what Yellow will look like. Feedback from the survey will be used to assist in developing these plans. 
  • Red (Substantial Spread) - All schools and facilities are closed and ALL students, faculty and staff will work from home.
4. Will students in grades PreK - 5 wear uniforms this year?
Yes - School uniforms will continue for the 2020-2021 school year.  Since this was a decision by the Local School Governance Team (LSGT) for these schools, LSGTs may revisit this at the request of parents once their meetings resume.  
5. Will masks be required by students and staff? 
All students and staff involved in face to face instruction will be required to wear a mask when social distancing is a challenge. 
Masks will be required on school buses. 
6. Are there different options for PreK?
PreK is a Department of Early Childcare and Learning: Bright from the Start program. A survey was sent to all enrolled PreK parents via email. A call out followed this survey. The purpose of the survey was to collect interest in an online option for PreK. Because of the overwhelming response from parents, we will offer one online class for PreK. The parents that completed the survey by the due date of July 25 will have the first option of the online class. If you did not receive an email, please contact Central Registration to update incorrect information. 
7. Will students with an IEP be served if the online option is selected?
For students with an IEP, services will be provided. IEP teams will work together to develop a plan if online instruction is requested.
8. Will there be a time for parents to ask questions about online learning before we have to make a decision? 
Yes, the deadline has been extended until July 21st. Please send any questions that you may have to
9. Will there be any after school care (i.e. KAC) ?
Yes, but the availability will be determined by our status (green, yellow, red).
10. Will Tift County Schools start before the August 11th State of Emergency has been expired?
We will follow the revised board approved calendar and students will return to campus on August 7th.
11. Will teachers be doing online learning and face to face combined in one class or will the classes be separated and certain teachers do face to face while others work with the online learners?
Once we know how many students per building will participate in online learning we will make decisions on the best way to deliver this instruction.
12. When and how will we have open house/meet the teacher?
There will not be a traditional open house. Each school will be developing a "Meet and Greet" plan for parents to visit the school and meet the teacher. This information will be shared as soon as it is available. 
13. When will school supply lists be available?
We are making final changes to these now and they will be posted this week. 
14. If a student begins instruction face to face but is uncomfortable, will we have the opportunity to change to online learning?
We will be responsive to all concerns and will work with parents in making decisions that are in the best interest of our students.
15. What about students who receive additional services? 
Students that receive any additional services will continue to be served. The delivery method will be determined on a case by case method. 
16. What protocol will be followed when a student or a teacher gets sick?
The Georgia Department of Education has recently released new guidelines for Guidance for Georgia K-12 School sand School Based Programs. We understand that this is a very fluid situation and can change daily.
17. Will parents have an opportunity to ask questions during the Work Session or the Board Meeting? 
No. Please email any questions to and we will respond and post questions here. 
18. Where can we find the data sets being used to determine school risk status between green, yellow and red? What is the formula for calculating the level of community spread? What population is being used to determine the status?  
Based on the most recent guidance, we have created the community response plan. See question #27. 
19. What data is being used to make these decisions? Who is compiling and providing the data? How often is it updated?
We will be receiving updated numbers weekly from the Department of Public Health.
20. What changes will be made for lunch? 
Breakfast and lunch will be served in all cafeterias in pre-packaged, to-go containers. Students will still receive a hot meal, but, in order to allow for minimal contact, they will not be provided with the variety of options that have been available in the past. Students will be distanced during this time, but that may look different at the elementary, middle, and high school levels based upon the size of their lunchroom and their ability to provide a safe environment for their students. Some students will remain in the cafeteria while others may return to the classroom or other areas to eat (ex. outside if weather permits)
21. What measures will be implemented for common times such as entering and exiting the buildings, physical education (i.e. changing in locker rooms), class changes, and spacing of students during classes? Will the use of plexi-glass shields or other barriers be used for spacing of students?
Masks will not be mandated, except on the bus. Whenever social distancing is a challenge, masks will be required. All students will be asked to bring a mask with them to school each day. 
We do intend to provide more hand sanitizing stations throughout the schools and on buses. At this time there are no plans to build any structural barriers. 
22.  Will instructions be provided for parents that choose the online learning option for their students to include websites/login info/passwords etc. for our children?  
On the home page of our website you will see a link to 'Classlink'. This is a service that allows students and staff single sign on access for all of the applications they use. Applications within this site are configured to allow for single sign-on so that multiple usernames and passwords are not necessary as they are linked to one account for the user. 
23. Can you provide additional information about  Online Learning for students in Grades K - 5? 
Following is our Online Learning Plan for Grades K - 5:

Screen time - average of one to two hours per day

Screen time will consist of guided reading groups, instructional google meetings, and online reading/research for content areas. 

Guided reading and small group instruction will be scheduled via Google meet with our online teachers during the school day to provide responsive teaching to meet the needs of our students. Other online opportunities can be completed at convenient times for families.

(Kindergarten students will receive Chromebooks. However, this may be delayed.) 

  • Parents agree to partnership with the school for online learning by: 

  • Scheduling weekly contact with the online teacher.

  • Providing high speed internet access.

  • Supporting student’s success in online learning by setting up a study space. 

  • Monitoring my students(s) progress.

  • Helping maintain my student’s study schedule.

  • Encouraging my student(s) to communicate with the online learning teacher.

24. If a high school student chooses the Online option will they still be able to take AP courses?  
Yes, If a student chooses the Online option via Google Classroom they will have access to AP courses with the opportunity to earn that credit upon successful completion of the course. 
25. If schools are opening, why is the Board of Education still conducting their meetings via Google Meet? 
There have been people wondering why the board of education is still broadcasting their meeting via Google Meet if students are going to be returning to class in August. I do feel this is a valid question and would like to explain.
First and foremost, our board is making every effort to lead by example when it comes to education in Tift County. The blended learning environment they've displayed over the last couple of months is a perfect example of that. Each board member has made a choice monthly to be "present for the meeting" based on their personal circumstances. We have provided an environment that does allow for them to attend in a face to face way while still allowing for physical distancing. The board members that have made a personal decision to be physically present understand the risk they are taking and are encouraged to take additional safety measures if they would like. We have also remained flexible and provided a virtual component that allows us to meet the requirements of the current executive orders, as well as, allowing those that choose to, based on their own circumstances, to still be "present for the meeting.”
This is exactly the model we are going to provide for all our students, faculty, and staff. The biggest difference between a classroom/school environment and a board meeting environment is that the classroom environment has a controlled population as the norm. Because of Open Meetings laws, there is no way to determine the number of participants in a room which would make it much more difficult to provide a safe environment for our community to be present and physically distant. In order to remain transparent and fulfill our legal requirements, we are broadcasting our meetings so the community can be present for them as well.
Tift County Schools is going to be asking students to be "present for the learning." We believe that education is the cornerstone of a civilized society. Because of that belief, we are making every effort to provide multiple environments for people to be "present for the learning." We want to serve our students and community. We want to help students learn. We know the social and emotional toll this virus has had and continues to have on all of us. We are working diligently to be flexible and provide multiple safe environments for us to accomplish our goals together.
No system is perfect, but we are working hard to be. I beg of our community to come together and make decisions for your family that best fit your situation. Let's be the light on the hill and show our state how to behave towards one another. Let's look for the good and teach our children to do the same. There will always be light after dark, and we will make it through this time in our history if we stay rooted in love. Take care of yourselves, look out for your neighbor, and remember we're all in this together. #4theT
26. How an TCHS students purchase parking permits for the 2020-2021 school year?
Parking permit packets and information are available on the TCHS website at
27. What is the COVID Response Plan?
Please click here to view our Return 2020 document. 
28. What information was used to place students on Blue or White Rotations?
Household information that has been provided to us by parents was used to assign students to a rotation. All siblings within the same household were placed on the same rotation. This was done in an effort to balance the numbers that would be in school on any given day to allow for more physical distancing. 
29. Can I change my child's rotation?
We are currently not making any changes to the Blue and White rotation designations unless a parent/guardian has more than one child in his/her household and they are on different rotations. If this occurs, please notify your child’s school.
30. How do I find out what rotation my child is on and what days he/she will attend face to face instruction?
To find out what rotation your child is on, look at the Calendar > Schedule in the Infinite Campus Parent or Student Portal. Days that are designated as Virtual are the days that your student WILL NOT attend face-to-face instruction. If Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are Virtual then the student is on the BLUE rotation. If Monday, Wednesday and Friday are Virtual then the student is on the White rotation.