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Proposed School Zones 2018-2019

2018-2019 Grade Reconfiguration


 While there are instances of an immediate connection, relationships typically take time to form and even more time to strengthen. It is those strong bonds that often lead to higher student achievement. We believe our current grade configuration simply does not allow enough time for bonds to be formed like we want them to. Because of that, we are undertaking the monumental task of realigning our schools.


Currently, Tift County students will attend seven schools if they attend Pre-Kindergarten through twelfth grade. Our new plan will cut that number to three. This will allow for time for stronger relationships to be formed between students, staff and parents.


Advantages of Grade Reconfiguration

  1. Continuity/fewer transitions for students
  2. Opportunities for more parental involvement
  3. More convenient for parents with students in multiple grades
  4. More opportunities for long-term planning and teacher interaction
  5. More consistency for Local School Governance Teams and PTOs
  6. Closer alignment with Georgia DOE level support for curriculum and instruction
  7. Ability to fully participate in CCRPI, Georgia’s school grading system
  8. More efficient and cost-effective student transportation


Factors Considered in Drawing Zones

  1. Physical size and capacity of each school
  2. Transportation routes
  3. Demographics of Tift County
  4. Creation of direct feeder schools so students stay together throughout Pre-K – 12


School Listing

Grades Pre-K – 5

Annie Belle Clark, Charles Spencer, G.O. Bailey, J.T. Reddick, Len Lastinger, Matt Wilson, Omega and Northside

Grade 6 – 8

                Eighth Street Middle and Northeast

Grades 9 – 12

                Tift County High School