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Frequently-Asked Questions



What kind of shirts must be worn?

All shirts must have collars. They can be short-sleeved or long-sleeved, Polo style or button-ups.


What color shirts can students wear?

White, gray or navy/dark blue.


What shades of gray are acceptable?

All shades of gray are acceptable. Black is not.   


Do shirts have to be tucked in?

We’re sticking with the regular dress code policy here. If worn untucked, shirts must be hemmed and may not exceed length of hips.Shirts that exceed length of hips must be tucked in.


Can shirts have stripes on them, or do they have to be solid?

They must be solid.


Can we add monograms to the outfits?

No. A small Tift County “T” is the only acceptable addition to a shirt.





What color pants/shorts/skirts are OK?

Khaki, navy/dark blue and gray.


Are skinny-legged pants OK?

Yes, as long as they are not tight like leggings.


Can pants/shorts/skirts have an elastic waistband?



Are dark jeans OK?

No. Denim can only be worn on designated dress-down days.


Are polo-style shirt dresses ok?

Yes, in navy or gray since those are the only colors that are acceptable for both tops and bottoms.


Are Capri pants ok?



Are jumpers OK?

Yes, in khaki, navy and gray.


Can leggings be worn under dresses?

Yes, as long as they are khaki, navy/dark blue or gray.


How long do shorts/skirts/dresses have to be?

All must be longer than 3 inches above the bend at the back of the knee.


Are cargo short/pants OK?






Are there any rules about what kind of belts or shoes can be worn?

Regular dress code is still in effect. Appropriate footwear is required and flip-flips should not be worn on P.E. days.


Can we wear crazy socks?

Of course! Just make sure they don’t light up, make noise or anything else that disrupts class.


What about special needs students?

This will be decided on an individual student basis based upon the specific needs and IEP.


What if someone truly can’t afford the uniforms?

We currently have a clothes closet we use for children who need extra clothing. We will have uniforms our social workers will have access to for those who need it.  


Can we wear suspenders?



What are the rules for outerwear?

We are not requiring any specific type of outerwear at this time.


Can the clothes have ruffles on them?

Sure. Small ruffles that are made of the same material as the rest of the piece are just fine.


What’s the consequences if a student doesn’t adhere to the uniform requirement?

It will be treated as any violation of the dress code and will follow the punishments listed in the student Code of Conduct.


Will teachers and staff have to wear uniforms?

Our teachers and staff will not be wearing uniforms, but they will be held to a stricter standard of dress. We completely agree that some of our staff had not been following the current dress code as closely as they should have been. Administrators have been given instructions to make sure all of our staff members represent our profession in a dignified and appropriate manner.