Dual-Enrollment Program


Dual Enrollment is a program that provides funding for students at eligible high schools that are enrolled to take approved college-level coursework for credit towards both high school and college graduation requirements.

Dual-Enrollment students - If you plan to take a Dual-Enrollment class next semester, you must schedule an appointment with your counselor before to take care of the paperwork. If you are new to the program, your parents MUST come to the meeting.
Tift County Schools Dual Enrollment Procedures
Spring 2021: 

*The University System of Georgia waived the SAT/ACT requirement for this year.

Meet with your school counselor:  Oct. 1-30, 2020

Return your college schedule to your counselor by: Nov. 20, 2020

Fall 2021:   TBA

Spring 2022:



**Dates subject to change due to ABAC and SRTC academic calendar dates

Refer to TCHS Counseling Office website for updates

Additional Test Options (other than SAT and ACT)
ABAC- Next Generation ACCUPLACER offered at ABAC and ACT-Residual at ABAC
Contact Ms. Jackson (rjackson@abac.edu or testing@abac.edu) or call the testing center at 391-4817. The first ACCUPLACER is free.  There is a fee for the ACT-Residual.   
SRTC- ACCUPLACER – Test Dates – Now through April 2 - Offered at SRTC; Contact Mrs. Ponder (mponder@southernregional.edu) or call 391-2600 and ask for admissions.  Be sure to tell admissions staff that you are a TCHS student. 
Dual Enrollment ELIGIBILTY
Dual Enrollment OPTIONS
Dual-Enrollment student has a choice of remaining in high school and taking some college courses. Student will graduate with a minimum of 26 credits.
Part Time (1, 2, or 3 college courses)
Full Time (All 4 college courses)
 Dual-Enrollment student will take (2) English, (2) Math, (2) Science, (2) Social Studies, (1) Health/Personal Fitness, and all EOC State Exams associated with the above listed courses.
 AND complete (1) of the following:
 Associates Degree
Technical College Diploma
(2) Technical College Certificates

TCHS School Counselors:

Serving students with last name:

  Paige Wells (A-Cl)
Jean Guzman (Co-Ha)
Traci Hill (He-Mc)
Amber Cheshire (Me-Sh)
Courtney Devereaux (Si-Z)
Traci Hill (Tift Academy)