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CHINS Intervention

CHINS (Children in Need of Services) Intervention Protocols have been put in place to address excessive unexcused tardies and early dismissals. While unexcused absences have long been addressed by local and state boards, repeatedly getting to school late and leaving early have not had any consequences, and both are extremely disruptive to the learning environment.
Judge Render Heard volunteered to work with Tift County Schools to address the most difficult tardy/early check-out attendance issues. Many attempts will be made to work with parents and students before a CHINS petition has to be filed and sent to Judge Heard. Below are the protocols for unexcused tardies/early dismissals.

CHINS Intervention Protocol for Unexcused Tardies/Early Dismissals


Please take time to read the following paragraphs which contain the current Tift County Board of Education Attendance Policy as stated on page 26-28 of Code of Student Conduct, and the new CHINS protocol for tardies/early dismissals.

Students are expected to be on time and in attendance daily. Students in K-12 must be present ½ of the school day to be counted present.  Parents are responsible for getting students to school on time, and should not make a habit of taking students out of school prior to official dismissal time.

For Grades K-12

# Unexcused Tardies/Early Dismissals

Documented Intervention


Infinite Campus Call Out


Mail letter to Parents


A signed referral to the School Social Worker


Schedule an Attendance Hearing, Mail attendance letter to the parent; Write Attendance Contract


Social Worker file CHINS petition  and inform school contact about status of the petitions

To read the Regulation regarding Absences, including tardies and early dismissals from the Board Policies, please click HERE.