Tips for Students and Parents

Students learn best when they attend school everyday.  When students miss school, they miss important lessons and essential skills needed for academic success.

Regular attendance establishes patterns of responsibility and commitment that will serve students throughout their lives, including in the workplace, the military, and college, or trade school. To support students and families, the school’s attendance initiative is dedicated to removing barriers to regular attendance.

We are striving to:

  • Improve daily student attendance,
  • Increase communication between the school and parents/guardians or families, and
  • Connect students and families to resources that meet their individual needs and help them overcome obstacles to regular attendance.

There are numerous issues - Social, medical, or family -- that can impact a student’s attendance.  As serious as these issues may be, all can overcome with support from school, staff, family members, and service providers who partner with our schools.

Tips for Students:

Staying in school offers you opportunities, learning experiences, and memories.  Dropping out of school means missing out on activities that happen only at school, like homecoming games, the prom, and senior events.

-- Twelve years of school is quite an accomplishment, and you can do it!  No one expects you to complete this journey alone, so look for help along the way.

-- Talk to your parents, teachers, or counselor if you’re having trouble in school.

-- If you need help with school work, ask your counselor to connect you with a tutor.

-- Having friends to talk to makes school easier and more fun.  Help each other during hard times such as when tests come along or when you have a personal problem.

A high school diploma could be worth as much as $240,000.00!!

If you attend school regularly, do the work, and graduate, you have the potential to earn $240,000.00 more in your lifetime* than your friends who drop out.  That’s a lot of money!!

*American Education Services

School is important!!  It’s the ticket to your future!  You must be present to win.

Attendance Tips for Parents

Support your child’s education.  School offers exceptional learning opportunities everyday.  Help your child be at school all day, everyday!

  • Let children know that good attendance is important.  Show them that you are interested in their school activities and want them to do well in school.
  • Communicate with school staff.  Let them know in advance if your child is going to be absent or if you have concerns about your child’s attendance or school performance.
  • Observe the school schedule.  Plan family vacations during school holidays and schedule children’s doctor appointments after school hours whenever possible.  
  • Establish a routine.  Make sure children have homework done, classroom materials together, and clothes laid out the night before school.  Make sure they get enough sleep so that they are well rested in the morning.


Your child’s success in school depends on having a solid educational background, one that can only be gained through regular school attendance.  Praise your child when he or she exhibits good attendance and promptness.