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Contracted Services

The Tift County Charter School District regularly contracts with vendors to provide educational services including but not limited to classroom instruction, academic intervention, behavior intervention, tutoring, parent engagement, and counseling. In those instances, the district develops contracts specifying the service expectations, the maximum number of hours allowed, and the hourly rate to be invoiced by the vendor. Since the vendor is not considered an employee of the district, there are no benefits associated with these services. There are also no taxes withheld on behalf of the vendor. On a monthly basis, the vendor submits an invoice to the principal at the school where the contracted services were provided, and the principal submits the signed invoice to the appropriate district director.


Since contracts are issued throughout the school year based on funding and the educational services needed, the Tift County Charter School District maintains a list of possible vendors. When the need for a provider arises, district directors collaborate with principals to locate a vendor based on vendor availability, capability, and their willingness to provide services based on the negotiated contract rate. The issuance of one contract does not in any way guarantee the issuance of a future contract. The district does evaluate the quality of services provided as well as the need for future services and the availability of funding.


If you are interested in providing contracted services for The Tift County Charter School District, please complete the appropriate Google form. This includes a brief description of the services you can provide, the name of your LLC, and your educational/work background. Your information will be kept on file, and you will be contacted if the district believes your services are needed.


Click here and complete this form if you are interested in providing contracted services.