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Canning Plant

Canning Plant Flyer
The Tift County Food Processing Center is an educational public service provided through the cooperative efforts of the following:

Tift County Board of Education
Tift County Board of Commissioners
Tift County Agriculture Education Department
Georgia State Department of Education

The easy way to process your own food!
Eat healthy by knowing what is in the food you eat.
Control the amount of salt, sugar, and fat in your diet.
Forget heating up the house and the messy cleanup.

Where are we located?
In the back of the Agriscience Building behind Tift County High School
(Enter the bus entrance off of New River Church Road. The Agriscience Building is the first building on the right.)
When are we open?
Mondays through Thursdays
June 1 - July 9
Times: 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - Call 229-387-2480 to schedule an appointment
Who are we?
The Agricultural Education teachers of the Tift County School System are responsible for operating the Tift County Canning Plant.
The Center is defined as follows:
The purpose of the food processing program shall be to provide instructional services in the areas of preparation, processing, and preservation of food products. Products prepared in the food processing centers are for home use by the individuals receiving these services.
Who may use the Center?
Anyone who wishes to process food for home use ONLY!
What are the costs?
The only cost in fully canning your produce is $1.00 per metal quart can or 15 ¢ per glass jar (glass jars are not provided by the facility). Can costs are subject to change due to price fluctuations. Please, inquire before processing.
Blanching for freezing costs $2.00 per blanching tray. 
Corn creaming for 10¢ per ear of corn.
Please inquire about other services. 
What services are available?
Wet-pack Canning
Produce is prepared (peeling, blanching, etc.), placed in quart cans (provided at the facility) or glass jars (not available at the facility), sealed, cooked either under pressure or in a water bath for the appropriate time, and cooled.

Dry-pack Canning
Dry foods such as sugar, flour, meal, etc. are placed in either cans or buckets and packed down tightly. An oxygen absorber package is then placed on top, and the bucket or can is sealed.

Foods are exposed to raw steam to stop enzyme reaction, expel respiratory gases, soften tissue, and retain flavor and color in the produce. After blanching, food may be either canned or packaged for freezing.

A mechanical peeler is available to peel produce such as potatoes. Produce may then be further processed for canning or freezing.

Large cooking vats are available for those who wish to cook produce and then package it for freezing. These vats are also used to cook canned products such as soups, boiled peanuts, and fruits.

Corn Creaming
Thomas Corn Creamer System available for use. The system will shuck and cream corn. The corn can then be blanched for freezing.
What can be processed?
Mixed Vegetables
Mixed Fruits
Spaghetti Sauce
Boiled Peanuts
Berries (black, blue, etc.)
Beans (lima, green, butter, etc.)
Tomatoes (whole, stewed, juice, soup)
Apples (in syrup, butter, sauce)
Greens (turnips, mustards, collards, etc.)
Potatoes (irish, sweet, new, etc.)
Peas (black eyes, field, etc.)
Dry products (flour, sugar, etc.)
and much more!