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Opportunities for Learning & Engagement

Parent Resources

Reading to Your Child
These are resources designed to improve family reading habits and promote increased reading time with children. Visit the GA PIRC website to access resources and materials that describe strategies to help improve reading habits.

Starting Kindergarten
These are resources that will help parents and children overcome anxiety over entering an unfamiliar environment with new friends and new teachers. Contact the GA Parents as Teachers Network, a GA PIRC Partner, to obtain resources for parents on transitioning to the classroom setting.

Homework Help
These are resources and tips on how parents can use existing resources and new resources to help their child overcome homework challenges. Visit the GA PIRC website to access information to address homework help.

Parent-Teacher Conferences
This is information that will help determine the “who, what, why” of a parent-teacher conference. Who participates? What typically happens and what should happen during the meeting? Who is responsible for scheduling and conducting the conference? A document providing this information can be downloaded from the GA PIRC website.

PTAs and PTOs
What is the difference between a PTA and PTO? How can you best work with the parent group at your school? What is the role of the parent involvement group at your school? The GA PIRC website provides an explanation of each group.

Transition to Middle School
The transition from elementary school to middle school can be challenging to both the parent and the child. Resources are available that address emotion management as well as what to expect with new academic requirements. A PowerPoint presentation on transition to middle school for parents has been prepared by GA PIRC. Please visit the website for more information.

Helping Your Child Succeed in High School
Information is available that addresses goal setting, decision-making and outside influences as well as learning about necessary testing necessary to graduate high school. Contact the GA PIRC for notification of workshops and training that help parents be better prepared to address high school academic and non-academic success.

100 Tips for Parents
Easy to understand tips make it easier for parents to help with academic success. A document with 100 tips for parents can be downloaded from the GA PIRC website.
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Title I, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA)
Resources are available that explain parents’ rights and responsibilities under ESEA in addition to helping parents understand the reasoning behind ESEA legislation. Resources are also available for these key ESEA components: (1) School Report Card, (2) Public School Choice, (3) Supplemental Educational Services, (4) Standards and (5) Parent-School Compact. Visit the GA PIRC website to access these resources which include downloadable handouts and PowerPoint presentations.

School Engagement

Family-School Planning
Research-based strategies exist to help increase collaboration and communication between schools, parents/community that will result in improved student achievement. The GA PIRC can provide these resources and supporting materials.

Action Team Partnership
This is a well-tested strategy, based on the National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS) model, to assist school systems strengthen district-level and school-based programs of family and community involvement. The GA PIRC website provides information on how to implement an Action Team Partnership.

Welcoming Environment for Parents
What does a welcoming environment look like and how can schools team with parents to create a welcoming environment for parents? The GA PIRC can conduct a workshop that addresses the types of environments that encourage family, school, and community partnerships.

Georgia Testing
Parents should know how to access and interpret information on required state testing for grade promotion and high school graduation. The GA PIRC website provides information and resources that help explain Georgia testing to parents. Resources are provided that can be downloaded.

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