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Compliance Director

Compliance Director

~Instructions for System Personnel~

Compliance Director is the program we use to provide online training modules. If you have any questions about why you have been directed to take any training, please talk with your supervisor.
In each training module, you will be asked to read a segment and then you will be asked to answer a question related to the information you have just read. You will not be able to proceed unless you have answered the question correctly. You may back up and re-read the segment before you answer the question again.


Step 1: Log onto www.compliancedirector.org

Step 2: Click on the state of Georgia.

Step 3: Repeat Steps 4-7 to complete each of the modules listed below.

Standard Modules (To be completed by all employees)

  1. FERPA
  2. Ethical Use of Social Media
  3. Mandated Reporting
  4. Suicide Awareness and Prevention
  5. McKinney-Vento
  6. Bloodborne Pathogens
  7. Sexual Misconduct Reporting
  8. Human Sex Trafficking
  9. Child Sexual Abuse and Assault – Awareness Prevention
  10.  Sexual Harassment
Custom Modules
  1. Employee Handbook (All employees) (Click here to review the handbook in advance)
  2. Athletic Handbook (All coaches of (GHSA) high school sports and High School Administrators)
  3. The Blue Book (Special Education Staff ONLY)

Step 4: Username: Tift County, Password: Blue (not case sensitive). Log in.

Step 5: Follow the instructions in the module.

Step 6: Username: Tift County, Password: Blue. Log in. (Yes, you must log in again).

Step 7: Fill in your personal information (Use last four digits of SS#), use the drop down box for location, use your school or personal email in place of the Pioneer RESA email and click submit. 

Note: Save the email response from Compliance Director for proof of completion.

If you have any questions, please contact your supervisor.