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Students in Mr. Gene Fandel’s Public Safety classes watched a film about military service dogs. Students were especially touched by a story about a Vietnam service dog, Cracker and his handler, retired Army veteran, Robert Himrod. Cracker was killed in the line of duty while protecting Himrod. Students wrote letters to the now retired Himrod. He quickly wrote back and sent the students a picture of himself and Cracker. Below is his letter:

Dear Mr. Gene Fandel,

I received the letters and comment sheets from your 7th and 8th grade students, concerning their viewing of Cracker's story. I was very touched by your students and their kind and sincere comments. I also thank you for taking the time to mail them to me. I read, and reread, every one of their papers.

I'm glad that your student body is getting a broad overview, of our government workings and its history. As you well know, they are our Nation's future. Education is the golden key to success.

Please relay to your students my sincere appreciation for their letters. Again, thank you for sending me their treasured words. I wish you and your students, all the best, for a bright and promising future.


SFC Robert B. Himrod

United States Army (ret)