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  1. Beginning in school year 2013-2014, a student may demonstrate subject area competency by testing-out of any course that has an associated End of Course Test (EOCT).
  2. A unit of course credit is awarded to students who reach the performance level of Exceeds on an EOCT prior to taking a specific EOCT course. Students scoring Exceeds must accept credit for the course.
  3. Students have only one opportunity per course to test-out.
  4. At this time, a student may only earn up to three credits by testing-out.
  5. Students must meet the following requirements for earning course credit through testing-out:
  • Not currently or previously enrolled in the course;
  • Have earned a grade of B or better in a content area course that is the same content area of the course for which the student is attempting the EOCT;
  • Received a teacher recommendation from a teacher in the same content area;
      6.  Received parent/guardian permission if the student is less than 18 years of age.

      7.  Students who do not reach the performance level of Exceeds when attempting to test-out must enroll in and complete the associated course and retake the EOCT even if the student makes a passing grade on the EOCT during the testing-out attempt.

      8.  Students who are currently enrolled, or who have previously been enrolled, in a higher-level course are not allowed to earn credit by later attempting to test-out of a lower level course. For example, a student already taking AP Physics may not earn credit for Physical Science by testing-out.

      9.  Course credit of students who test-out of a course is reported in the same way as the course credit earned through completing courses.

    10.  The score earned as a result of the test-out option will be the score posted to the student’s transcript.  That score will also be used in the calculation of the student’s Grade Point Average (GPA).  No additional points will be added to the exam score.

    11.  Under NCAA requirements, units of credit earned through testing-out using the EOCT will not count as a core course credit for athletic aid for any student seeking NCAA Division I or II athletic scholarships.

The EOCTs will be administered in an online format. Students will be charged a fee of $50.00 per test as established by the Georgia Department of Education.This fee must be paid prior to administration of the EOCT.This fee will be refunded for students who meet the eligibility criteria and achieve the Exceeds performance level.

Note:  Students interested in the test-out option for fall semester 2013 must see their counselor to discuss eligibility. Contact your school counselor to schedule an appointment to participate.  Counselors will be available as follows:

           Tift County High School: July 30, 2013 – August 7, 2013

           Northeast Campus: July 31, 2013 – August 7, 2013

           Eighth Street Middle School: July 29, 2013 – August 7, 2013

First semester test-out dates will be August 12 through August 16, 2013. Second semester test-out dates will be September 16 through September 20, 2013.

Since the new ANALYTIC GEOMETRY EOCT is not yet available, the test-out option for this course will not be offered during the 2013-2014 school year.