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Move On When Ready

AP/MOWR Presentation

Move On When Ready is Georgia’s new dual enrollment program that allows high school students (9th – 12th grade) to earn college credit while working on their high school diploma. Move On When Ready replaces Accel, HOPE Grant for dual enrollment and the previous Move On When Ready program. The new Move On When Ready program now covers tuition, mandatory fees and required textbooks.

MOWR Summer '17 Deadline: Meet with School Counselor by Feb 16th
MOWR Fall '17 Deadline: Meet with School Counselor Feb 23rd - March 16th
MOWR - What to do next ...
MOWR student has a choice of remaining in high school and taking some college courses. Student will graduate with a minimum of 26 credits.
Part Time (1, 2, or 3 college courses)
Full Time (All 4 college courses)
 MOWR student will take (2) English, (2) Math, (2) Science, (2) Social Studies, (1) Health/Personal Fitness, and all EOC State Exams associated with the above listed courses.
 AND complete (1) of the following:
 Associates Degree
Technical College Diploma
(2) Technical College Certificates

For Students & Parents

Application Information

For information
about MOWR,
see your school
TCHS Counselors (10th - 12th):
Paige Wells - A - C
Jean Guzman - D - I
Courtney Devereaux - J - P
Robin Parker - Q - Z
Northeast Counselors (9th grade):
Traci Hill 
Andrien O'Brien
Part Time MOWR
Scheduling Options

In conjunction with college courses students may take:

Face-to-Face Courses

at their base school

Online Courses through
Tift Academy